Importing Airboat from Canada to the USA

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Buying airboat from Canada? What are the custom and duties, complications on transporting?
Airboats are amazing vessels. They provide people with the facility of sports as well as transportation. Recently, the manufacturers of airboats have added more features to airboats making them more comfortable for services and sports.

Importing a Previously Owned Airboat

Airboats are popular everywhere, especially in America. But you can import one from Canada if that sounds a better option. But you should know the procedure of importing your airboat because the rules and regulations are different from importing by land and by water.

One thing that would always benefit you is that you communicate with the Customs and Border Protection Office situated at the place you plan to enter the country. Collect necessary instructions from them.

Almost everyone needs proof of purchase, copies of registration papers, or a license. A pre-owned airboat in Canada requires that you get a Certificate of Deletion from the Canadian Registrar of Vessels. For this, you need to act way before importing.

Informing the CBP Office before time about your import of an airboat will help you save time from waiting for hours.

Importing a New Airboat

If you are buying a new airboat from the manufacturer, it will be convenient for you to obtain the services of a Customs Broker. Do not worry about the fee of the broker because it is usually nominal.

The benefit of hiring the services of a broker gives you relief from doing all the hectic paperwork alone. Also, the process of airboat entry at the border will be smooth and painless

Airboats are considered pleasure crafts. The duty rate for these types of crafts is 1.5 percent. CBP Office collects this duty at the time of entry. Other taxes you are liable to pay to the state where you are going to operate your boat.

If your airboat is coming on a trailer, you will also require a separate bill for the trailer and the airboat. The trailer is a motor vehicle, it will need a 17-character VIN with it. Additional paperwork like DOT Forms HS-7 will also be needed.

One thing more, you will need to provide proof that your airboat conforms to Environmental Protection Agency Standards along with an Engine Declaration Form 3520-21. You will also need separate bills of sale and after entering the USA, the trailer will need an inspection for safety compliance and after that, it will get a permanent license plate.

If your airboat is manufactured in Canada, it is exempted from duty under the North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA).

You better call the Canada Border Services Agency office that you will deal with for your airboat import before you make your trip if you are going to bring your vessel yourself. Setting a plan with them will make the process quicker and smoother.

The Most Important Points

  • Arrange and prepare official papers in order i.e., a bill of sale, dealer invoice, a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale
  • Notaries the papers when they are ready
  • Certification of ownership deletion if the vessel is bought from a previous owner.
  • Country of built documents