Make your dream destination a reality.
It all started when we were searching for ways to reach our off-grid
property up north. It became especially challenging during mild winters, when the ice on the river and lake freeze unevenly, creating a faster stream that was much more dangerous to cross.
One time, our sleds went underwater. Luckily no one was hurt, but it did become a turning point.
Starting then, we began our search for reliable transportation for our family. We looked at many crazy machines, usually with hefty price tags. Our family needed a solution that would fit our budget and our needs.
We contacted numerous manufacturers in Ukraine, Russia and Europe, and only one solution seemed appealing - the airboat. They are built to move on water, ice and snow, so we could use it year-round to reach our off-grid property. Not to mention, they are beautifully designed and comfortable enough for a big family to fit in and enjoy. And the price really sealed the deal. They are a fraction of anything else we looked at before. Additionally, airboats have plenty of extra features that surpassed our expectations.
After we got our first airboat, we ensured its safety and durability were at their highest. Our business partner, Sergio, a 15-year veteran mechanic, helped us to inspect and test the heart of the airboat - its motor. The motor is extremely reliable and we provide a
written warranty that guarantees it. But that reliability does not sacrifice power. It can still move the airboat at a high speed
(100/130 kmh or 60 mph/80 mph) depending on weather conditions,
model, and load.
All airboats are manufactured in Russia by a reputable, experienced boat building company. They are then assembled and tested by us in Canada.
By overseeing the entire process with the highest levels of precision, we make sure to do the small things right, thereby making sure we do the big things right. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor of airboats in Canada.

We love to make people happy

Every day we work hard to make sure we offer high-quality products, great customer service at a fair price
Hight Quality Product
Our company strives to provide high-quality products and value to our clients. The satisfaction of our clients defines our success. Our philosophy is simple – we love what we do.
Fair Price
Our prices for brand new airboats are unbeatable in Canada and in the USA. We have fixed prices for standard services and products, and will work with you in finding customizable options in your price range.
Excellent Customer Support
We are always ready to answer any question you have, and assist with any
tool at our disposal to make your experience exceptional.
We are available to assist by phone toll-free at 1(877)-698- 0626, or by
email at
You can also visit our location in Mississauga, Canada at:
4-34 Queen Street West, ON L5H 1L4. Canada.
Additionally, we have an airboat service center in Mississauga at:
70 Wesley Ave, Mississauga, ON L5H 2M9. Canada.
Individualized Approach
Our company believes in the principle of providing an individualized approach to every client. This method allows us to be successful in any situation and resolve any situation smoothly.
We have an impressive selection of custom options for an airboat as unique as you are. Let us know what you would like!