Airboats are different in a good way

Let's have a closer look at the airboat. What is so special about it?
First, it allows four-season of fun!
Second, the airboat has a flat bottom, and the propeller is located above the waterline. And that means the boat would not stop where a regular boat would. You could enjoy the most remote and peaceful parts of mother-nature.
Third, boat construction is very lightweight and made of inflatable rubber tubes with reinforced bottom, it is not brittle like fiberglass, and it won't spring a leak by hitting a rocky bottom like aluminum. It easily overcomes rapids and rocky rivers.
Fourth, heavy-duty resin and reinforcement on the bottom and at every seam make it an extremely durable, well-balanced structure that is not easy to overturn. And in combination with a powerful motor it makes our airboats a serious competitor to all traditional boats, vessels, and snowmobiles. As it combines features of multiple transportantions.

Four-season vessel for any expedition

Raptor airboats are the most versatile model we have for sale; many people find those airboats practical. It has a removable cabin cover and a large compartment with a waterproof cover at the front. The front space is roomy; an average height adult man could fit in the front in full length.
The airboat has an option of a heating device which could be quite useful during cold winter months.
Cabin cover provides a good shelter for hunters, anglers, and explorers.
Though the windshield is good visibility, the airboat is well-balanced and lightweight; it is tough to overturn. Speed and safety capacities are remarkable. Please contact us to inquire about airboats we have available for sale, performance, and custom options 1(877)698-0626 Toll-free.

Fishing vessel, hunting vessel, or a rescue vessel?

Airboats of different models feature different capacities, specs, and utilization purposes. Their distinct features, like the airboat Raptor X has a removable cabin cover and could be an open airboat. Plus, it has a removable cover for the front compartment. Additionally, at the front of the boat, it has safety railings installed. Safety railings might serve as a barrier, and extra space could be used to transport people or cargo.
The hard separation of the front from the rest of the body with two open windows also a distinctive feature of the airboat Raptor X.
Besides, for anglers, the front of the airboat could be converted to a convenient extra spot for fishing when the cover is removed. So, find the best fit airboat for yourself, and as many details are customized, we could discuss how to make it an even better fit.
Please, have a look at what Raptor X has to offer.
Airboat Manufacturing Process
Airboats are built from scratch; each step is considered, measured, and recalculated. We use specialists in each field to work on engines, structure, reduction gear, propeller, etc.
The structure of the airboat is solid and lightweight, well-balanced, and hard to overturn. Materials used for airboat manufacturing are top of the line, so the vessel is heavy-duty and durable. We assemble the airboat in Canada, test and approve the airboat before releasing them to the client. We specialize in the North America custom airboats market. Our company offers fully customized and standard airboat models.