Launching Update
Our team brings sincere apologies for the delays in launching such a great product!
Yet, the anticipated time is much longer than it was expected due to the complication pandemic got everyone into.
Currently, due to severe backlogs in delivery services, certification process, and thereof considerable delays in the manufacturing process, unfortunately, we have to postpone our launching. We are planning to be fully open and operating in late 2023.
We are expecting to have show models available for presentation and DriveTest to be launched in 2023.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
We offer premium quality airboats with powerful engines, loads of built-in features, comfortable, roomy interiors, and waterproof coverings. Models can be fully customized to your personal specifications.

What is an airboat?

An airboat is a vessel equipped with a plane-like propeller at the rear of the boat. While the boat's light structure allows it to move very fast, the main
advantage of an airboat is its ability to operate on water, slush, ice, and
mud, in varying conditions, including shallows and rapids. Therefore, an airboat is an excellent craft for summer, fall, winter, and spring, and
provides a fun, easy ride both for pleasure seekers and those using them
for work.

Who we are

'Airboat' is an exclusive distributor/retailer of airboats in Canada. Our head office located in Mississauga, Ontario. All airboats are manufactured in Russia and assembled by us in Canada.
'Airboat' offers several standard airboat models of varying capacity, length, and interior features. All models come equipped with 200 horsepower Honda engines. We specialize in semi-custom and fully custom airboats.
We provide an extensive warranty on parts and guarantee top-notch
quality. The 'Airboat' service center sells parts and offers repair and maintenance services in Mississauga, Ontario.

Airboat, Fanboat, or Planeboat?

Airboats are often called fanboats or planeboats. The "fan" in fanboat refers to the rear propeller of a fan installed above the waterline, which is used instead of an engine commonly used in vessels. The "plane" in plainboat refers to the use of a plane vent, which when combined with a lightweight structure and a strong engine, can make almost take a boat flying above the ground. (Pretty crazy, right?) Airboats are widely used as tourist boats
or as search and rescue boats because of their short draft and wide main deck.

Airboats anytime

Airboats are perfect for everything from Canadian summers to cold winters and everything in between. The flat bottom of the airboat allows perfectly smooth boating in the summertime. Even shallow or weedy areas don't hold them back. Airboats make mud and rocky rivers easy to pass.
Airboats drive on water, ice, snow, and slush, so you don't have to worry about thin or broken ice in fall, early winter, or spring. It's all perfect terrain for an airboat.

Features and customazations

We can add all kinds of features to customize your airboat. These include various seat configurations, dashboard finishes, and layouts, and cabin heating options. We can even provide extra bottom protection for the hull,
an additional layer enforced with a protective cover called 'scale';
The scale is 3 mm thick ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, but that increases to 25 cm for the section covering the pitch. This design makes for the best cavitation, enhanced speed, and airboat bottom safety. The scales are fastened on three sides to avoid bristling up or catching on stones.
Our list of custom features is always expanding. If you are interested in custom features that are not listed, please contact us to inquire. Each airboat can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Seating and loading capacity

Airboats can be configured to fit various passenger and cargo needs:
  • Light – Fits 2 people
  • Standard – Fits 4 people (1 driver seat with a bench at the back)
  • Cargo – Fits 2 people and a load
There are also bigger models that fit up to 6 people and more.

High quality is in details:

  • The aerodynamic, light, and well-balanced structure of airboats allow them to accelerate to speeds up to 130 kmh (80 mph) on water, slush, and ice.
  • The boats are made from scratch using only the highest-quality materials.
  • The bottom resin cylinders are made in-house and are reinforced with five layers of PVC fabric.
  • We enhance the cylinders with Arctic Viniplan PVC on every boat.
  • All cylinders are reinforced on the seams and throughout for extra durability

Airboat Models

Standard airboat models, please read a full description of each airboat, or give us a call to discuss a particular model. Also, we offer customized airboat models.
Fuel Consumption 30-37 L/h
Fuel Consumption 30-35 L/h
Speed 85-130 Km/h
Carrying Capacity 750-900 kg/1100lbs-1980 lbs (up to 6 people)
Speed 95/130 Km/h
Carrying Capacity 500-900 kg/1130-1980 lbs (up to 6 people)
Engine Honda K24A 200 HP
Engine Honda K24A 200 HP
Fuel Consumption 30-37 L/h
Speed 100/120 Km/h
Carrying Capacity 800-900 kg/1760-1980 lbs (up to 6 people)
Engine Honda K24A 200 HP
Please, submit your contact information, and we would provide you the price list for scoot airboats available for sale.

Our Customers' Reviews

Our family had a problem with how to get to our off-grid property in mid-season when the ice is not safe to drive. We found AIRBOAT on google, and the fan boat turned out a great solution for our family! Now we could appreciate our water access cottage year-round. Many thanks to the Airboat team they were very helpful from the initial call till the very finish.
I want to thank AIRBOAT for helping me to find the best fit boat. It is absolutely a joy to drive; it is comfortable in and out. I'm happy with the quality, custom features, the price, and excellent service.
I'm an angler for 10 years, spending time outdoors is my routine to be in balance. I was looking for a reliable vessel or transport to reach remote places with excellent fishing. The transport that could go through the small creek, weeds, or rapids. Airboats are awesome! It combines all of the features I ever need and more. I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

An opportunity to be out and about 4-season long. Whatever you up to - explore, tour, fishing, hunting, and more

Our customer support team is working hard to provide with the best experience possible, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are ready to provide you with the answers!