Scoot Airboat

Scoot airboat is also known as a scoot was invented and handmade in Ontario by the residents of Georgian Bay to have transportation with the mainland during winter and spring. It was quite popular before the snowmobile was introduced to the market.
Scoot airboat is a flat bottomed vessel with an engine and propeller. Unfairly it was forgotten for decades though it has advantages over transportation on a snowmobile.
The scoot walks on snow, ice, and water equally well.
At the moment airboats are mainly present as rescue vessels as it is able to get to places that are impossible to reach by the regular boat or snowmobile. Also, airboats are a popular tourist business in the USA where are a lot of weedy and muddy areas that tourists would like to explore.
How long would it take to receive my airboat once I place my order?
Receiving date may vary slightly as we do not have many scoot airboats in stock; as many of them are ordered customized, we need time to receive and assemble, plus testing and transportation it to the destination. Usual timing, including everything for about 4-5 months.
I want to do a test drive before ordering my boat.
Sure, we offer test-drive of the airboat in Whitestone, Ontario. Please, contact us to book your test drive at 1-877-698-0626.
I'm thinking of buying a scoot airboat to reach our property off grid, would it be a good choice?
Absolutely, if you have a property that could be reached only by boat, creek, or lake - that is the way to go. An airboat is very practical; it could be used in summer, fall, winter, and springtime. The boat goes on water, ice, and snow.
Do I have to pay duties and taxes on the shipping if I order from the USA?

Yes, unfortunately, taxes and duties are extra for your order if you are ordering from abroad.
Also, we charge GST to every sale in Canada. The GST is 5% of the total sum.
Plus, PST according to the province from where the airboat was ordered.
When we sell out of province to Alberta, The Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Yukon, all of which have no provincial sales tax, we would charge the GST (5%) on the sale only.
How long 'scale' last on average?
There are two types of materials for scale:
HDPE with a service life of 1-2 years. Water, rarely ice and snow.
Pe1000 with a service life of 2 to 3 years. Any season.
Though 1-2 years is the basic but depending on the usage could last longer. High usage would cause more wear.
What are your warranty terms?
12 months for the boat hull and engine unit. 100 engine hours for the engine.
What are the delivery charges for my shipment?
The delivery cost is calculated during the manufacturing process depending on the season and destination and is paid for separately.
When do I pay my preorder? What is the breakdown of the payment?
1.The first payment for the preorder is 50%
2.The building of the airboat, readiness by 70%
3.Full payment, another 50%
4.Completion of the Airboat
5.Testing of the airboat
6.Release of the airboat to the customer
What is the difference between an airboat vs. hovercraft?
There are pros and cons in each of them as they have completely different types of hulls.
An airboat is a flat-bottom vessel, and it touches the surface with a full bottom, which gives it more stability.
Hovercraft hull touches the surface only with the edges of its 'skirt', and underneath the vessel there is an air cushion.