How to Drive Your Airboat Safely?

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Driving Airboat is quite dangerous, especially for someone who does not have experience in driving aircrafts, because even the airboat is a transport for the land and water, it uses the power of the wind.
Safety is the priority in all fun or educational activities and airboats are no exception. You need to keep yourself and other riders with you safe from accidents and injuries so that you have all the fun airboat tours offer.

Driving airboats safely needs a two-layer safety program. One is before you get on board and start driving and the second is after you ride the airboat. Let us elaborate here on how to drive your airboat safely:

Before You Ride Your Airboat

Perform a pre-operation check on your airboat to see it is in perfect operational condition and there is no fault or issue with anything. Many injuries and accidents can never happen if you always check a few things on your airboat before setting off under the open sky on wild plans.

The first thing for safety you should check is the weather from a highly reliable resource of your touring destination. After checking the weather, if you find it all clear and decide to set off, here are a few of the main items that you need to check as an airboat owner or a captain:

- Engine and engine mounts for anything loose

- Rudders and propellers

- Safety gear

- Navigation lights

- Oil level, radiator fuel level

- Gauges

- Leaks

- Safety chains

- Hull

Keep the following supplies available on the airboat according to the number of riders. These supplies become life saviors in unexpected situations like sudden weather changes or an emergency.

- a first-aid kit

- a cell-phone

- drinking water

- gear for protecting ears from noise

- eye goggles to prevent the glare of the sun or wind

- a fire extinguisher

- Some dry, packed food

After You Ride Your Airboat

Airboat rides require that you wear and clothes that protect you from wind, bugs, weather effects, and harsh conditions. So, choose clothes that can comfortably keep you safe from these elements. Put on your protective glasses and ears muffs, too.

If the weather is sunny, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts. Also, you will need a hat for proper shade on your eyes and face. You may also need some extra clean water with you for drinking because sunshine dehydrates you. To prevent yourself from sunstroke or dryness of the throat or skin, drink more water.

Your encounter with animals is natural. Many of them you will be seeing for the first and it is natural to love them and show affection. But, do not stay neutral towards animals and do not feed them anything. They can suddenly become aggressive if you get close to them especially alligators.

While on an airboat do not wear flowy or loose clothes because airboats move fast and wind will catch in your loose clothing making the journey dangerously uncomfortable for you

Moreover, never get close to the propeller. Any loose item can get caught in the propeller and may bring serious harm to you and damage the propeller.

Keep the above instructions in mind when you prepare to set off on airboat tours. You will have a great time touring around.