History of Airboating

Airboats have their peculiar look and structure. Some people find them funny-looking vessels. With a massive propeller behind, they look quite different from traditional boats. But the design does not make it look different. It is to make it more practical. The propeller is out of the water and the bottom of the airboat is smooth. Hence, they can easily move on the ice, water, and even land. That is why you access a place like Everglades with an airboat only.

History of Airboating

The history of airboating dates back to 1905. It was Alexander Graham Bell who invented the airboat. Because its main feature is the propeller which looks like a huge fan, it was called a "fan boat:" this name was just to call it a vessel that is newly invented. However, Graham Bell gave his airboat an interesting name. He called it "The Ugly Duckling." Maybe Graham bell and his team found their invention odd and different from its likes. The new vessel did not earn reputation fast until it came to Everglades, Florida, fifteen years later.

Glenn Curtiss was an associate of Alexander Graham Bell. He found potential for airboats in Everglades. The area was covered with swamps and marshes. He registered his airboat in Florida in 1920. It was called the Curtiss Scooter, after the name of Glenn Curtiss. The interest of people grew in the airboats after they discovered how useful were these vessels for exploring the tricky environment of the Everglades.

Airboating on Georgian Bay, Canada

The history of airboating in Georgian Bay tells us how useful is this vessel for this region. Georgian Bay is all ice in winter and the 30,000 islands scattered around bond together with solid ice in winter. Before snowmobiles, airboats were the best transportation method for people living on these islands. So, the residents of Georgian bay made their own airboats and called them to scoot airboats. An airboat was their preferred transportation method to the mainland during winter. The airboats provided safe and hassle-free transportation.

Airboating in Georgian Bay, Canada is convenient because it travels smoothly on water and ice. Today, rescue missions use airboats because they never fail the rescue team while they are on their search operation. People who get stranded in ice under harsh circumstances, find a way out of their troubled situation through airboats.

At the moment airboats are mainly present as rescue vessels as they can get to places that are impossible to reach by the regular boat or snowmobile. Also, airboats are a popular tourist business in the USA where are a lot of weedy and muddy areas that tourists would like to explore.

Airboats Now and Then

Modern airboats have come a long way. In the start, when they were newly invented, they did not have a lot of features that a modern airboat has. Today, the airboats have alarms to warn the onboard team of any potential danger. The advanced airboats contain an instrumentation panel, which is constructed according to marine code. The panel includes Voltmeter, Tach, Water Temp., Oil Pressure, and Oil Temp. They also have an Hour Meter, 3 Plugins receptacles for cell phone/lighter, or with a custom wrap to suit your personality and needs. Airboats now and then are different due to the fast advancing technology