Why Building Airboats from Scratch is Better?

If you ride an airboat often and enjoy exploring new dimensions of rivers, you should be interested in an airboat with specific features. All experienced airboat travelers look for some great features in their airboat. At a time when big brands offer shining new models in attractive colors why these travels want to go with a custom airboat? You may be wondering! We will tell you in the coming lines why building airboats from scratch is a better choice.

An Airboat that Serves Your Purpose

Are you an angler? If yes, you must be in search of an open cabin airboat. It gives you freedom of action while you fish. You can see all around and act instantly in any direction you want. There is no obstacle to make your work difficult or let you is a golden chance. If you just tell any airboat builder that you need an airboat that is suitable for fishing, he will advise you to go for one that with no cabin roof. Though winter fishing is much more comfortable when you have a roof over your head to get warm.

Our alligator seems the best fit in this regard. It has a strong bottom perfect for travel on mud, dense vegetation, snow, and shallow water; and it can move at a speed of 130 km per hour. You can travel in it with friends and enjoy a unique fishing experience because the airboat allows 4 to 6 travelers on board. Another positive point about building an airboat on order is customizing the features. One airboat can have different features based on your needs and creative ideas.

Building Airboat for Research Trips

Going on research trips to wild areas in an airboat can be tough. You may have sensitive equipment with you and the weather may turn rough out in the wilderness. So, you need a vessel that protects you and your equipment from the rain, snow, or wild creatures. Also, low temperatures can be too harsh to spend the night comfortably in the open. You can check our Raptor before building an airboat and customizing it. We build Raptor with all the features you need for the protection of travelers during harsh weather. It has heating that you can turn on when you feel too cold to continue with your journey and it has a weatherproof canopy. Indeed custom airboats are much cooler, as you could make it fit exactly to your needs.

Why is this boat the best choice for naturalists and scientists? One, it can be used all 4 seasons; two it has a central steering mast with space for your feet and a convenient layout of the instruments so you don't get tired on long journeys; three, it is fully customizable to your particular needs.

Building Airboats from Scratch for Rescue Missions

Are you looking into building airboats from scratch for rescue missions? Check Raptor X before contacting an airboat builder. This airboat is sturdy and has all the features a rescue vessel should have. It has a covered cabin, safety railing, and can go on the water, ice, snow, mud, go through rapids, extremely shallow waters, and extensive vegetation. The canopy is removable. You can remove it for more convenience at times when you do not need it.

All above airboats are convenient and durable vessels. They are made in Russia and assembled in Canada. You get an airboat of your choice airboat with a warranty.