Introduction to Airboats

Airboating is fun. Would you like to try? Please, contact us to book your showing and test drive.
Boating is fun but have you tried air boating? Oh, you don't know what an airboat is? Don't worry, an airboat is more like a dual combination of a plane and a boat. It has a light structure that allows it to move fast on the water. Not only water, but the airboat can move on the ice, shallows, rapids, and even mud.

Moreover, an airboat is equipped with a powerful engine and waterproof covering. It can be two types: a semi-custom airboat or a fully-custom one. Additionally, when you get an airboat for sale from us, we have an Airboat service center in Mississauga, Ontario, that could accommodate all repairs and maintenance required for your airboat.

An airboat or an amphibious craft is also known as a plane boat and fan boat. The use of a plane vent along with a lightweight structure and a powerful engine gives it the name of a plane boat. The reason why it is called a fan boat is that the structure is made of a rear propeller of a fan, instead of an inboard or outboard engine.

Because of their wide main deck and short draft, airboats make for excellent tourist boats and rescue boats.


This transport is a perfect holiday partner. It doesn't matter if it is summer, winter, or even mid-season; they go well to give a fantastic experience.

  • An all-terrain airboat has a flat bottom that allows smooth boating during summers. Because of this, it easily overcomes thin and broken ice during harsh winters.
  • Different airboats feature various seat configurations, different dashboard designs but a common sleek finish.
  • You also get a cabin heating feature, but that's optional. If you want, we can install this so that you don't have to shiver during winters.
  • It has an additional layer of bottom protection known as the 'scale'. In technical terms, the scale is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that has a thickness of 3mm.
These are some of the custom features for an airboat. However, if you have special requirements like increasing seating or weight capacity, that could be checked at our website or call us to discuss at +1(877)-698-0626 Toll-free Canada and the USA only.

How Can You Use An Airboat?

Of course, air boating is a fun activity to explore the wetlands but, take a look at its other purposes.

  1. Emergency
They are used during emergencies like fire and rescue missions. They work swiftly and are therefore excellent in tackling emergencies.

  1. Wildlife Observation
This amphibious vehicle reaches those reaches where an average person cannot. Therefore, researchers and wildlife enthusiasts use it to observe unique animals.

  1. Hunting
If you are an intrepid soul, then an airboat is just right for you! Hunting expeditions will be more fun as this vehicle can help you reach isolated islands and remote places easily and cross swamps, narrows, and rapids.

Looking For One?

Find your adventure today and reach out to AIRBOAT to place your order. But, ensure that you know everything about airboats and book a test drive with us before ordering. Remember that AIRBOAT can specifically build your airboat as per your requirements.